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BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONThe Board of Christian Education serves as the education governing body of the discipleship program. The mandate of the Board of Christian Education is to offer and monitor religious educational opportunities for church growth and Christian maturity. The board operates through development, implementation and application of bible study classes, seminars, institutes, and workshops that focus on the Word of God as our foundation for victorious Christian living. Participation of the board is determined by pastoral appointment and church approval.


CHILDREN MINISTRY The Children’s Ministry of BIBC focuses on teaching the children of our church and community the Word of God and to let them know that God loves them. It is important that children learn and know about God’s love and grace at an early age.


CHURCH BEAUTIFICATION MINISTRYThe purpose of the Beautification Ministry is to donate our service and talent in order to create an elegant place to worship.


DIVINE INSPIRATION (YOUTH CHOIR)This ministry is designed to minister is song to gathered worshipers. Participants are not only those who lend their voices in song, but, also include volunteers who want to assist the director with the care and training of the youth. The goal(s) of this ministry is to minister to God’s word and principles through song. Divine Inspiration is open to all your (members and nonmembers). To participate one should have a desire to sing and a willingness to attend schedule rehearsals.


E-MINISTRYThis ministry is designed for all computer users and internet users. Members who participate in the e-ministry should be experienced with web design, publishing, html, macro media flash, and adobe software. Members should be willing to serve. The goal(s) of the e-ministry are to equip Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church membership and the world with access to Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church ministry through the worldwide web. Participants should be experienced in web design and publishing. To participate in this ministry, one must be equipped with determination and patience and must be willing to complete long-term projects.


EVANGELISMThis ministry is designed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the community. Members who actively serve in this ministry should have a burden for the unsaved to be saved to bring others closer to the Lord. The goal(s) of this ministry is to bring increase to God’s Kingdom by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that many may be saved. Participants are members who have a willing spirit and a desire to help the lost.


F.R.E.E. (Financial Responsibility Educational Empowerment) MINISTRY The F.R.E.E ministry facilitates financial literacy to all segments of the church and community by developing and/or sponsoring financial workshops and seminars that allow participants to have hands on learning.


KOINONIA MINISTRY This ministry is designed to welcome visitors and guests to Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church. Members who would like to participate in this ministry should have a desire to serve God with gladness and, who enjoy meeting and greeting new people. The goal(s) of the Hospitality Ministry is to make all who enter the doors of Bethelite feel welcomed and comfortable.


IMPACT MINISTRIESImpact Ministries exists to bring the message of grace, peace, faith-righteousness and unconditional love to America and the world! It is the message of the finished work of Jesus! We believe we will influence the people of East New York/Brownsville in the message and this life style.


MEN’S FELLOWSHIPThis ministry is designed for men of all ages. You should participate in the men’s fellowship if you are a male member of Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church and desire fellowship with other believers in Jesus Christ and who have a desire to grow spiritually. The goal(s) of this ministry are to grow in biblical understanding and make proper life application of God’s word to your lives in order to live lives that are pleasing and acceptable to God. Necessary for this ministry is a commitment to Christ as Savior and a desire to grow.


MUSIC MINISTRYMusic Ministry is a means by which a worshiper may experience the very presence of God. There is a song whose lyrics transport us to His throne. The music and dance, in all forms, celebrate His Majesty. In this celebration, our music and arts ministries serve as vehicles to create and develop connections for the praise and worship of our Lord. Worshipers are invited to become part of the Music & Arts Ministry.


NEW DISCIPLES MINISTRYThe New Disciples Ministry operates under the authority of the Board of Christian Education. The New Disciples Ministry educates nurtures and develops new Christians and those who are new members of the Bethelite Church Family.


NURSES MINISTRYProvides a medium through which members of the church and community can receive first-aid treatment and/or emergency referrals during worship services and other church-sponsored activities. The nurses also acquaint people with health issues and problems and encourage contributions to wellness and fitness education objectives. Provides health information and promotes maintenance of good health.


PRAISE TEAMThis ministry is open to singers and musicians. Participants must have a fundamental understanding of Praise and Worship as it relates to music. The goal of this ministry is to effectively usher in the very presence of God. It also promotes growth and maturity in spiritual matter and in functioning as a worship leader.


PRAYER MINISTRYThe purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to manifest biblical commandments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we should always pray and not faint. We are dedicated in laying a foundation of prayer though teaching the principles of prayer; interceding on behalf of others; equipping the saints for service; and empowering the saints in their spiritual development as Disciples of Christ. In collaboration with the church ministries we seek to establish Bethelite as a house of prayer.


SENIOR MISSIONARIESThe Seniors Missionaries ministry is designed to provide encouragement, strength and connection with other members. Participants should have a sensitive need for others and be willing to use their gifts to edify the Body of Christ.


SOCIAL SERVICE MINISTRYAs a Christian community, the Social Service Ministry of The Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church endeavors to provide access to comprehensive social services for those in economic and social crisis. We seek to enable people in need within our community to more fully support and nurture themselves and their families so that they can move out of poverty. We further support action that leads to a healthy and caring society, free of the oppression of poverty in its various forms.


SUNDAY SCHOOL MINISTRYEach Sunday morning at 9:30am the Sunday School Ministry offers educational, uplifting, edifying and soul-stirring classes for students in various stages of Christian development. The Word of God is the central text for each class accompanied by supplemental resource materials as persons learn through Christ-centered teaching how to live by faith, walk in God’s power and apply practical Christian principles to their daily lives.


USHER BOARDThis ministry is designed for the congregation of Bethelite Church. The goal(s) of this ministry is to attend to the needs of the worshiping congregation. Participants should be members who are willing to serve the Lord for the increase of his Kingdom and understand the importance assisting in creating an atmosphere for worship.


WOMEN’S MINISTRYThe Mission of the Women’s Ministry is to encourage, equip, edify and empower the women of Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church to take their God-ordained place with the Kingdom of God, exercising their gifts, talents and skills to the glory of God! We accomplish our mission through a covenant of prayer and study and a commitment to unity and oneness in Christ Jesus. As women of God we are committed to service and leadership.


Y.E.S (Young, Excited, and Saved)The Mission of the Young Adults Ministry of Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church is to minister to the needs of persons from the ages of 18-35 that they may become more astute concerning the Word of God, that they may be blessed with the Wisdom of God, in order that they may discern the Will of God for their lives.


YOUTH MINISTRYCultivates and nurtures goodwill among the youth of Bethelite and the surrounding community through Bible study, fellowship activities, outreach and monthly leadership of Bethelite’s worship services. All youth are encouraged to share in this rewarding fellowship.


YOUTH PLANNING COUNCILThe Youth Planning Council is a group of parents who commit to a minimum of one-year of serving as part of a support group. The council is designed to give parents a more direct line of communication into youth ministry and also to impact the decisions made on behalf on the youth ministry. The council makes recommendations on programming issues and other matters involving the youth of BIBC. This group supports the youth ministry and serves as a core base of volunteers.


YOUTH USHER MINISTRYProvides a training environment for Bethelite’s youth as their assist in the orderly conduct of church services by greeting and seating worshipers.


Our Mission:Bethelite Institutional Baptist Church is committed to bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with Him and into responsible church membership through: Equipping Believers, Enriching Persons, Evangelizing People, Edifying Missions.
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